Technique Support

Technique Support

Below as a PDF is a technique mind map. This is a work in progress but shows the flow of techniques we believe youth wrestlers should be learning. If you zoom in on the PDF you can see the names of various positions and techniques from those positions taught at our academy as well as links to technique videos our students can use as a refresher to things taught at practice or as a guide for techniques they wish to learn on their journey in wrestling. This mind map is for the neutral position in folkstyle but Coach Richmond is working on making similar mind maps for mat wrestling in folkstyle as well as a freestyle/greco-roman mind map. Feel free to contact Coach Richmond if you have any questions or issues accessing the material. We hope you find it useful.

Old Technique Videos From Coach Richmond

Gramby Roll Series

Front Headlock from Knees

​Front Headlock from Feet

Single Leg Defense from Knees

​High Crotch Defense

​Tightwaist Chop & Bar Series

The Switch

​Single Leg Standing Offense

Single Leg Offense from Knees

​Tilt Series on Top

​Cradle Series

High Crotch Takedown Offense

​Spiral Ride & Wrist on Back Series

​Stand Ups from Bottom

​Single Leg Defense Standing